My name is Aubry, I’m glad you have made it to this page.

About AubryMy mission in life is to inspire you to live a life of personal freedom, health and wellness. I want to be a light that leads you back to your own truth and your personal power.


A big theme in my life has been fear versus love. My own personal path of health and healing has ultimately been the battle of choosing love over fear. I spent years running from my purpose and creating fear and dis-ease for myself. Throughout my twenties I tried to escape and numb out with food, disordered eating, diets, drugs, alcohol, men, moving, career changes and negative mental habits. When I was 26 I found yoga and meditation and started exploring how to live a holistically healthy lifestyle without all of the substances and crutches I had been using through out my teens and twenties. Yoga connected me to my spirit and my body and meditation calmed my mind and reduced the anxiety that had fueled my addictions. I starting working with a therapist and a coach and gently and with a lot of hard work began to move through my childhood trauma and also challenge my beliefs systems and negativity that held me captive.




Today in my mid thirties I am continue to work with love and accepting my body, co-dependency and recurring fear based thinking. I often see myself as a warrior of sorts. Going to battle against my own demons (please note going to battle with your demons includes accepting them without shame first.) Going to battle to break generational patterns of fear, addictions and limiting beliefs. I’m motivated to continue this work because I see the way my own life, body, mind and spirit have transformed as a result of my self-work. I am motivated to continue because of my three year old son and the legacy I want to leave for him.

I share all this because maybe you’ll see yourself in my story and I hope you will come along with me online or in person to continue the journey of health, wellness and freedom together.

My current practices that allow me experience continued freedom from old ways of being include:



– Healthy plant based diet (because YES food impacts mood)

– Coaching and/or therapy

– Massage

– Essential oils

– Solid encouraging female friendships with women who motivate me, believe in me and hold me accountable.

– Breathwork

– Nature

– Simplicity

– Natural cleaning supplies for my home, natural beauty products for my body

– Daily 45min- 60 min walks

About AubryThis list continues to grow and change over time as I continue to find what empowers me and my health MIND BODY and SOUL.

My business is my desire to share these practices with you so that you can be free of anything that is holding you back.

I hope you reach out! I want to hear from you. I want to connect. My own growth and healing is dependent on connections and community and so is yours. If you feel like speaking with me please reach out. Email me and let me know what you struggle with, what you have found that works and how you are living an inspired life.




My Training

·      Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach (HHC)

·      200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher ( RYT)

·      B.S. Social Studies and Broadcasting, John Brown University

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