3 Steps to Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Daily Life

3 Steps to Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Daily Life

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Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.Margaret Cousins

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”
Wayne W. Dyer


If you visit the self-help or personal growth department of your local bookstore you will find a common theme. The idea is that you can change your life by following a simple plan, few steps or reciting positive affirmations. You are promised you don’t have to keep living the life you currently have. These concepts have always been overwhelming to me. If things don’t go my way or if don’t manage to find a new job, marry my dream man and live in my dream home I wonder if maybe I didn’t follow the steps right or recite enough or the right affirmations. For years I would simply try another plan, read another book (because maybe the next guy would have figured it out and I could read his book and my dreams would come true.) Then I read some research that shows a correlation between reading self help books and low self esteem. Somewhere in this whole mess I realized I had gone to far. I was hit with the realization that maybe I didn’t need my whole life to change to be happy.

Whew I’m exhausted simply thinking about all the expectations I put on myself for so long. This blog was born out of a bit of inspiration I had at a particular dark point of time in my life. I found myself feeling trapped in yet another questionable relationship, I had just moved to a new city and had no friends, no job and no money. I was walking back to my house one morning after stopping at my local coffee shop for a cup of coffee. I was feeling miserable. Wondering why I couldn’t create the life of my dreams like all those books said. I had done everything they said for the past ten years why wasn’t it paying off? I’m not sure what happened next, all I know is gratitude pushed its way into my life in a big way. I was suddenly filled with a deep sense of gratitude for the warm cup of coffee in my hand. Thankful I had enough money to buy this delicious brew. I took a deep breath and realized how clear the air was, another wave of gratitude washed over me as felt my strong, healthy legs as they took me down the street, the sun warmed my face. In just a few moments the spirit of gratitude simply took over and completely changed my perception and experience in the moment. My life hadn’t changed at all, only the way I looked at it. So my blog takes a slightly different approach. I say forget about changing your life and creating miracles. Maybe all we have to do is focus on being thankful and our change in perception will bring about whatever change you are looking for. To echo the words of Wayne Dyer “change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

Here are three practical steps to put gratitude into practice in your daily life.

1. Start Using Gratitude Lists

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Gratitude lists are something I use in my everyday life. At all times I have a list taped to the mirror in my bathroom but it could be on your refrigerator, your cubicle at work or above your kitchen sink. It is simply a list of stuff I’m thankful for. It’s usually the first things that come to mind whenever I make the list. You can make the list as long as you want and change it as often as you want.  Use recycled paper, the back of old receipts, programs, act. Make your list stand out by using colored markers or pencils. You can make a list today, the first things that come to your mind are fine to jot down and hang it up. Keep it up for the next week or so and if it inspires you and helps keep gratitude in the forefront of your life then keep on making them and hanging them. Watch gratitude start to infiltrate your life.

2. Hang up a Gratitude Dry Erase Board in a Prominent Place

My friend Andrea has a dry easer board hanging in her bathroom. A place for her and her husband to write down things that they are thankful for. I loved the idea the moment I heard it. The practice of gratitude requires just that, gratitude. Placing ourselves in an attitude of thanksgiving and being open to look for things we are grateful for doesn’t come naturally. We are  hardwired to look for danger and what may go wrong. Hundreds of years ago our human ancestors had to be a constant lookout for danger in order to survive. In modern society we don’t need this same vigilance but it is still hardwired into us. The good news is that neuroscience teaches us that we have the ability to re-wire our brains and to change the way we look at things. The ability to develop lenses of gratitude can be a journey that requires disciple and gradual shift in thinking. The best way to be able to turn to gratitude first as lenses is to come up with fun, easy and in your face reminders to look for the gifts, to spot things to be thankful for. Andrea’s white board idea is a great idea and there are many others like it that can help bring gratitude to the forefront. Note cards lefts around the house with your favorite quotes or reminders of reasons to be thankful. Books written on the subject of gratitude. A gratitude journal is a great start! Feel free to come up with your own ways to incorporate gratitude into your life.

3. Diffuse Uplifting Essential Oils

One of the main reasons I personally starting incorporating essentials oils into all areas of my life was the positive effect the oils had on my mood. I first I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Were the oils really helping my moods? I started doing the research and found out that yes; essential oils can positively impact and support your moods. If you are starting an active gratitude practice try diffusing uplifting oils in your home throughout the day to inspire and support you in practicing gratitude. Uplifting oils include: bergamot, ylang ylang, grapefruit, ginger, cypress and frankincense. Start with one or two drops in the diffuser before you write your gratitude list or when your having trouble reaching for a grateful thought and observe the way the oils support you in your endeavor.

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Get INTO the life you are living now. Explore the adventure you are living NOW. What if nothing had to change?

What if you didn’t need a new partner, a new job, a new city? What if you didn’t need to travel to more places or lose more weight? What if all the excitement you were looking for was wrapped up and hidden in the present moment?

What if miracles and magic were waiting for you and all you had to do was simply look for them. I believe that gratitude, the simple act of being thankful is the key to a whole new world that exists within your current situation. The start of this process is to begin to pay attention to all the little details. The way breeze feels as it hits your face. The warmth of the sun, the sound of children playing or birds singing, the pleasure of tasting food or the simple bliss of hugging a friend or loved one. Let gratitude lead the way.

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5 Ways to Help Your Daughter Develop a Positive Body Image

5 Ways to Help Your Daughter Develop a Positive Body Image

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5 Ways to Help Your Daughter Develop a Positive Body Image.



The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty reports that 7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their body image, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members. Along with that: 75% of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in negative activities like cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking, or disordered eating. This compares to 25% of girls with high self-esteem. What can you as a parent do to help your daughter develop confidence and a positive body image? Here are five ideas that will empower you to be a positive influence in you teen’s life.


  1. Examine your own self-esteem.

One of the best ways to help your teen daughter is to lead by example. Your daughter can pick up on how you feel about yourself. If you are telling her to believe in herself and love and accept her body but you don’t believe those words yourself it won’t mean much to your daughter. Many of the mothers I work with in my private practice still struggle to love and accept them selves. Make your own self-work a priority. When you feel great about yourself you naturally give your daughter permission to do the same.


  1. Don’t mention your daughters weight gain or loss.

Fat is not an insult and skinny is definitely not a compliment. Teen girls will have weight gain and loss especially around their monthly cycle or during times of extreme stress. Your job as a parent isn’t to nitpick a few extra pounds or compliment weight loss. Your job is to tune into their emotional health and see how you can support them with the daily stresses of school and high school social life. Find ways to compliment them that don’t have to do with weight. If weight gain or loss is excessive then it may be time to sit down and mention in a open and accepting way the weight and how it could relate to their mental and emotional health.


  1. Practice self-care.

Parents, you have to put self-care at the top of your to do list. Teens need us just as much as they did when they were toddlers to be present for them. This is hard to do if you aren’t well resourced yourself. Make sure you have a great support system, get enough sleep and take little moments for yourself. When you feel grounded you can be a calm and safe space for your teen to unwind at the end of a day.

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  1. Talk to your daughter.

This may seem like a no brainer but there are specific skills involved in talking to teens so they listen. In their book, How to Talk so Teens Will Listen and Listen So Teens Will Talk, Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish recommend the importance of taking time to listen and acknowledge your teens feelings as valid and important and THEN to redirect behavior with loving and thoughtful recommendations.


  1. Encourage her to participate in activities she loves.

I have seen too many parents force their kid to participate in activities they don’t really love. I encourage you to let your teen participate in activities that light them up. This means they may choose cheerleading over tennis or drama over debate team. As long as they are active in some after school activity that they love it will naturally boost their confidence and self-esteem.


Raising teenagers today is no easy task. Sometimes no matter what you do your teen is going to struggle. Your best bet is to take great care of yourself and focus on love. Love for yourself and love for your teen.

How To Free Yourself From Anxiety, Fear and Negative Self-Talk.

How To Free Yourself From Anxiety, Fear and Negative Self-Talk.

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I want to share with you a powerful process I designed to free myself from anxiety, fear and negative self-talk. I use this with all my coaching clients and in my own life. I have found this simple process effective in shifting mental states and ultimately re-wiring your brain.


This is called the FREE technique, an acronym for the four steps of the process. It directs our attention in a clear, systematic way that cuts through fear, anxiety, self-doubt and negative self-talk. Here are the steps in the way I’ve found most helpful:

Feel – Don’t try to escape the feeling, name it, locate where you feel it in your body and stay with it. By actually feeling what we are feeling it often doesn’t last as long.

Remember – Remember something you love about yourself.

Enjoy- Pick one thing you enjoy about the present moment, something simple like the sun on your face or the cozy chair you’re in.

Embrace- Decide to embrace and love all parts of yourself, being human isn’t about being perfect or happy all the time but embracing the wide range of human experience.


The FREE process immediately begins working to change your state by helping to move emotions and feeling through your body and connect you to your true self. 

  1. Feel Your Feelings.

Most of us are afraid of feeling emotions that may cause us pain. We will do anything to not feel sad, afraid, confused and alone. Instead of feeling what we will have to feel sooner or later we eat, drug, obsess, distract ourselves with technology or any other number of things to help us numb our experience. Unless we take the time to feel our feeling they will stay with us and we will continue to try to numb this pain until it intensifies to the point where we have to deal with it. Do yourself and favor and take the time to feel your feelings. Stay with the feeling, let the intensity of what you are feeling wash over your body, then watch it move through and diminish. Your emotions are not YOU; they are simply emotions and must be felt and moved through your body.

Louis C.K. on feeling your sadness. In the second part of this short clip Louis C.K. explains feeling your feelings so well.

“Sadness is poetic, you’re lucky to live sad moments.”


  1. Remember Something You Love About Yourself.

When we are caught in a negative state it is usually accompanied with negative self-talk and false beliefs. Take the time to remember a few things that you love about who you are. If you have trouble thinking of things ask a few people who are closest to you and who love you to give you something to start your list. Makes a list of everything you love and appreciate about YOU. You can refer back to this list whenever you need.

  1. Enjoy The Present Moment.

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I encourage my clients to focus on things about the present that can’t be purchased, things that are always present regardless. For example: the weather, the way the wind moves the trees, the blue sky, the smell of food cooking etc. This is ultimately a gratitude practice, the more you do it the more you will find to enjoy.


  1. Embrace Your Humanity.

Many of us hold the belief that we have to be perfect in some or all areas to be happy or to love and accept ourselves fully. For example, you may believe you have to weigh a certain amount, find your life purpose, succeed in a certain type of career, eat a certain diet and the list goes on and on before you can enjoy your body and your life. This is a lie that you have to stop believing. To be human is to be imperfect; in fact perfection does not exist. You’re off the hook, you don’t have to work harder or do more to be ok. You are totally worthwhile and acceptable as you are.


If you find yourself overcome with fear, depression, anxiety, self-doubt or self-hate take 10 minutes and work through this FREE process and enjoy your own ability to shift your state, free your mind and live a life of joy.


* Disclaimer. This process does not take the place of a mental health professional. Traumatic experiences are best worked through with the help of a trained professional.
Aubry’s Interview with Dr. Maggie Wray

Aubry’s Interview with Dr. Maggie Wray

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A few months back I was interviewed for this incredible online conference. I have included my interview here in case you didn’t catch it this summer. Enjoy!


Empower your teen to eat healthy and develop a positive body image.

Women have made enormous strides in education, politics, and the workplace, at the same time girls report struggling with body image and self-esteem at younger and younger ages. In this interview learn:

      • What you can do to help your teen develop a positive body image.
      • How to help your teen manage social media in a way that supports her.
      • Discover ways to find support as a parent or educator so you are equipped to help your teen.


Click Here to Listen to Interview

What To Do Instead of Going on a Diet

What To Do Instead of Going on a Diet

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Research shows that diets don’t work. Most people that lose weight on a diet will eventually gain it back. What does work is manageable lifestyle changes. Working on adapting a body positive attitude and finding community that loves and supports you. If you are lost when it comes to food and want to be healthy and reach a healthy weight then this blog is just for you. I’ve included the three main things I continually come back to when it comes to what I eat. I struggled with food for years and I have found that this is what works for me.



  1. Focus on how food makes you feel.
    diet tips
    Aim to eat foods that make feel full of energy and healthy and beautiful. Of course I’m not talking about sugary foods that only makes you feel a happy buzz for a few minutes. I’m talking about food that doesn’t make your stomach hurt, food that doesn’t give you gas, food that provides sustained energy. Sometimes eating healthy is as simple as asking yourself, “How will this food makes me feel? It is a process figuring out what different foods do to your body. For example, too much dairy makes some people bloated and even causes breakouts. For others too many carbs can make you feel gassy and hungry all the time. If you have a suspicion that a certain food may be causing you issues try eliminating it for a few weeks and observe if you feel better. THERE ISN’T ONE WAY OF EATING THAT WORKS FOR EVERY BODY. Learn to listen to your own body, notice how food makes you feel. Pay attention to what makes you feel good. What feels good may changes with the year or month or even the time of the month.



  1. Eat LESS packaged, processed, sugary foods.

teen diet tipsThese are the main foods I encourage people to stay away from. Why? These foods usually contain chemicals, preservatives and fats that won’t contribute to your health. This can be a big shift for some of you that eat most of your food out of boxes and packages and fast food chains. I promise if you focus on eating less of these foods in combination with focusing on how food makes you feel you won’t want to eat as much processed packaged and sugar laden foods.

The second part of this is to eat MORE fruits, veggies and foods where you know where they came from and who raised them or grew them. Practice the 80/20 rule. Aim to eat great 80 percent of the time and leave room to enjoy small (or sometimes not so small portions) of your favorite junk food.




  1. Stop moralizing food.

Food isn’t good or bad and you definitely aren’t good or bad based on what you eat or don’t eat. What you are is a human being trying to make a life for yourself despite all the pain, injustice and busy schedules of daily life. If you follow self-help gurus or coaches that make you feel that if you just tried harder you could have the perfect body, eat healthy all the time or be happy, please be very careful you don’t fall into the self-help shame cycle. It’s not always as simple as trying harder or thinking positive or eating different. You aren’t a bad person who is doing it wrong if you aren’t perfectly healthy and happy. What you are is a beautiful and imperfect human being and that is exactly as it should be. Now go out and enjoy your evening, maybe even have a cupcake. You’re not doing anything wrong.




How To Be Kind To Yourself

How To Be Kind To Yourself

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How To Be Kind To Yourself


Ok, if you are like me you  hear the same sentiments all the time, “be kind to yourself, practice self-compassion, love yourself.” This all sounds nice and like something you may want to do but how do you actually put this into practice. Here are a couple things you can put into action today.


  1. Catch yourself in the act of negativity.

Many of us don’t even know when we use negative self-talk  because we are so used to it. One way to check in with your self-talk is to notice how you are feeling. If you are feeling anxious, feeling stuck, feeling despair check in with what you are telling yourself. The first step in practicing kindness toward yourself is to notice when you aren’t doing it.


Think there may be a bigger issue? Check out my Resource Page for info on eating disorders and teen mental health issues.


  1. You have to reprogram your brain.

Changing negative self-talk loop isn’t something that happens overnight. So don’t be discouraged if change doesn’t happen overnight. I was twenty-two when I decided I needed some serious reprogramming. I wrote down all the negative things I would routinely say to myself and then I wrote down the opposite or something more positive that I wanted to replace it with. At the time I torn off little sheets from my journal and carried them around with me wherever I went. I would pull them out and read them before getting out of my car for work, during my work break, before bed, first thing in the morning, while I was eating breakfast, when I was stretching before a run, pretty much I read them anytime I could. It felt like magic to me because no one knew I was doing it and over the course of a few months I started to feel better about myself and make better choices when it came to boys and food.


  1. Who are you hanging out with?

Do not tolerate friends that aren’t kind. I remember when I first started changing my self-talk one of my friends would always talk about how I was a little “fatter” than her. The thing was I wasn’t fat at all and my friend obviously felt so bad about herself that she needed to bring me down. I didn’t even realize this until I started be kinder to myself. SO, examine your friendships AND consider what media sources you are picjumbo.com_IMG_4563reading about health and fitness. Many fitness hashtags like #fitspro and others simply glorify constant obsession with looks and food. If you are looking for a positive social media hero check out Healthy is the New Skinny and TeenHealthCoach on Intagram and start branching out from there surround yourself with positive people and they will help you do the work of being kinder to yourself.


Please feel free to reach out via email if you need anything or have questions.





“To be self-compassionate is not to be self-indulgent or self-centred. A major component of self-compassion is to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with love, care, dignity and make your wellbeing a priority. With self-compassion, we still hold ourselves accountable professionally and personally, but there are no toxic emotions inflicted upon and towards ourselves.” 
― Christopher Dines,




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To that still small voice inside.


To your body, she will tell you what to feed her.


To your pain, it will lead you to your healing.


Listen to your hopes and dreams, then be brave and follow them.


To your hesitation.


To the voice that says, “maybe you could give it a try.”


Listen to the poets and the writers, they often know what they are talking about.


To your grief, listen to it and feel it, let it wash over you, then watch it dissolve.


Listen to what you hear after you get quiet, when your all alone, after you have turned off the fear voice and the self-doubt and self-hatred.


Listen to what you hear after that.


Listen to the silence, make getting quiet enough to hear silence a priority.


Listen to your body, notice where you tense up, relax.


To the sound of our breath.


To the wind.


To the rain.


Listen to yours friends and loved ones, then don’t try to fix or change them.


Listen to lots of music and make sure you’re dancing.


Listen to the positive people, the kind ones, listen to those who love you.


Listen to yourself, trust her, your body knows, the quiet place inside knows.


Slow down.





Here is a great video on a brief mediation from one of my favorite teachers to help you slow down and get quiet enough to listen.


Beyonce with her awesome song Listen I’ve included the full lyrics below.


Listen – Lyrics

Listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start but can’t complete
Listen to the sound from deep within
It’s only beginning to find release

Oh, the time has come for my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own all ’cause you won’t

Listen, I am alone at a crossroads
I’m not at home in my own home
And I’ve tried and tried to say what’s on my mind
You should have known (oh)

Oh, now I’m done believing you
You don’t know what I’m feeling
I’m more than what you made of me
I followed the voice you gave to me
But now I’ve gotta find my own

You should have listened, there is someone here inside
Someone I thought had died so long ago
Oh, I’m screaming now and my dreams will be heard
They will not be pushed aside or worse
Into your own all ’cause you won’t

Listen, I am alone at a crossroads
I’m not at home in my own home
And I’ve tried and tried to say what’s on mind
You should have known

Oh, now I’m done believing you
You don’t know what I’m feeling
I’m more than what you made of me
I followed the voice you gave to me
But now I’ve gotta find my own

I don’t know where I belong
But I’ll be moving on
If you don’t, if you won’t

Listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start but I will complete

Oh, now I’m done believing you
You don’t know what I’m feeling
I’m more than what you made of me
I followed the voice you think you gave to me
But now I’ve gotta find my own

My own.

How to Stop Comparing Your Body to Others

How to Stop Comparing Your Body to Others

For teens From the Author Inspiration Teen Health Tips

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

How many times have you walked into a social setting and started comparing your body to every other person in the room. You look around and figure out who has bigger thighs than you or whose outfit is better than yours. You try to gauge who is thinner or whose arms look better. I’m sure you have also had the experience of being, “checked out” by another woman. For instance, another girl is saying hi to you but they aren’t even looking at your face they are simply looking you up and down, comparing their body to yours. Every woman I have ever talked to has had this experience. This is why most women surveyed say that they worry more about what the other women will think of them then men.


Comparing is one of the many ways that we as women go to war against each other rather than support the very people we need most at our side and on our team.


If you think about it, it makes sense. We live in a culture that values how you look more than who you are. In a world that places worth on the thinnest and most popular then of course we as women will find our worth in being more like that ideal than someone else. Part of my goal a teen mentor and health coach is to help put an end the comparing, backbiting and foolish standards that equal worth in our culture and help girls come together and support each other.

Imagine interactions with other women where you didn’t feel judged based on your weight or clothes and instead you felt seen, supported and loved?

Body Comparison 

We all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves. It’s easy to start comparing your body to other girls when we are feeling insecure about our own body and filled with self-hatred and self-doubt. Here are five things you can start applying today to free yourself from the burden and trap of comparison around bodies,(I know comparison happens on all other levels but this blog focuses on body comparison.)




  1. Think about what kind of day she is having.

When you walk into a room or social situation instead of immediately checking out what other girls look like or what they are wearing try to imagine what kind of day the other person has had. This prevents you from objectifying other women and you begin to see them as people with feelings, fears, struggles and their own set of insecurities. As women we naturally want to connect. Practice asking your friend or the person you have just met how they are feeling about their day instead of immediately commenting on their hair, outfit or body weight. When we focus on thoughts like, “she has a better butt than me,” we see the person as a unreal other instead of someone just like us, someone with a body they struggle to like, someone with fears they don’t want anyone else to know about. We are already being objectified by culture, media and men, we have to stop doing it to each other.


  1. Work on developing your own self-esteem.

There are literally thousands of resources available at your fingertips to help you work through issues in your past, cultural programming and influences around you that may be causing you to struggle with negative self-talk, destructive behaviors and low self-esteem. The journey to your own personal health and joy is a life long journey. If you are a teen and reading this, know you will be way ahead of the game and set yourself up for success as you move through life if you tackle these issues NOW. It’s work and may bring up some pain and tears but its totally worth it to find freedom, love and respect for yourself. Along the way you will meet amazing people that will support you and hold your hand along the way. Here are few resources that I like. I encourage you to seek out your own teachers, role models, therapists and friends that will help you to work through anything that may be holding you back.


You can also check out my health coaching and mentorship programs here. My greatest passion in life is empowering other women to be free around all things related to body image.


  1. You might need new friends.


This may be a tough one to hear but bottom line is if your friends are saying or doing things that bring you down, if they make you feel bad about yourself, influence you to do things that harm yourself or others or are in any way verbally or emotionally abusive, YOU NEED TO FIND NEW FRIENDS.  As you develop better self-esteem you will see that that anyone who brings you down doesn’t have a place in your life. Set clear boundaries, demand that other people treat you with respect and kindness. As it turns out many people will respect your boundaries, others won’t. Don’t worry about that just keep working on yourself and trust that new people will show up in your life.



Celebrity Quotes on Good Friends


  1. Be of service.

When we are involved in something bigger than ourselves it takes our mind off our own problems and helps us see ourselves as part of a global community. When we focus on serving others we don’t have as much time for negative self-talk, bad friendships and comparison games. Check out this amazing list of volunteer ideas for teens from teenlife.com

Body Comparison

Start to care about politics and world affairs. NO you don’t have to go off and major in political science but if the only news you read is celebrity gossip then you have a very limited view of reality. Take some time to read the headlines, get interested in causes that effect you.

The more you can start to see yourself as a global citizen the less you will worry about who has better shoes.


Here are some news sources to check out:


Think Progress

Huffington Post Teens



5. Consider Yourself a Feminist.


In case there is any confusion, being a feminist isn’t about hating men, burning bras or being unnecessarily dramatic. Being feminist is about demanding equal rights for woman.

Did you know?


  • There are only 20 woman serving in the United States Senate as compared to 80 men?
  • Overall women still earn less money than their male conterparts with the same education level?
  • More often than not the victim is blamed.

This list goes on and on. Educate yourself on these issues, start to care about your fellow women who are abused, raped, victimized and who don’t have equal rights. Educate yourself on the current state of women around the world and what life is like for female minorities in our country.


Here are some great feminist websites to check out:

Teen Feminist


14 Reasons We All Need Feminism


Start to care about feminism and begin to see that we are all on the same team, we have too many major issues facing us as women we don’t have time to worry about who has bigger thighs and who has cuter clothes.


Ok, there is my list. I hope it inspires you with some practical things you can start doing today to get away from comparing. My intention is to inspire you to see your own beauty and your own worth apart from how your body looks so that you are empowered to go out and change the world.




“How much time he gains who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks, but only at what he does himself, to make it just and holy.” – Marcus Aurelius



Self-Love Manifesto for Teens

Self-Love Manifesto for Teens

For teens From the Author Inspiration Teen Health Tips

Self-Love Manifesto for Teens


I will accept my imperfections. I know that no human being will ever be perfect so I honor my own unique struggles and my journey. I will stop trying to be perfect all the time or trying to fit a certain mold so I can be like someone else. I will be the most authentic version of myself. I love my perfectly, imperfect self.


I choose to love my body. I refuse to let other girls, magazines or media tell me what I should look like. I will not spend time wishing certain parts of my body looked different. I choose to focus on feeling good, feeling healthy and radiating beauty from the inside out. I focus on all the miraculous ways my body works. I love my body.


I pick friends that love me and encourage me. I will not spend time with people in person or online that bring me down, make me feel bad about myself or try to make be into someone that I’m not. I choose friends that talk about ideas and creative projects and ways to help each other out. I don’t hang out with people that talk about dieting or how much that hate their body or want to change it. I don’t’ talk about others girls in negative ways behind their back. I practice radical self-love and acceptance with myself and  with all the girls in my life. I give up on judging myself so it makes it easier to give up on judging others. I have amazing supportive friends because I love myself and I deserve healthy relationships.


I only date boys that respect me, who value me, speak kindly to me and do what they say they are going to do. I don’t waste my time with men who don’t love me as much as I love myself. If I feel pressured to have sex when I’m not ready I leave the relationship and find someone to date who respects my boundaries. I see my body as beautiful and worthy of respect.


I eat healthy foods that show my body how much I love and respect her. I move my body daily by walking, dancing, running or playing sports. I find ways to work out that I love. I don’t punish my body by working out too much or choosing activities I don’t like. I am mindful that drugs and alcohol are hard on my body, mind and spirit. I find other ways to “get high” that help me deal with stress. Others ways include: yoga, meditation, prayer, working out, eating well, hanging out with amazing people, creating something I’m proud of and sharing my feelings with people who love and accept me and can help.

I practice self-love and acceptance because I value myself and I want to live a fulfilled, joyful life. I know that when I love myself I also spread love and acceptance to others wherever I go.


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Extraordinary Beauty

Extraordinary Beauty

For teens From the Author Inspiration


Top Ten Extraordinary Beauty Tips


Positive Body Image


What is extraordinary beauty?


Extraordinary Beauty is a holistic approach to beauty, it teaches you how to be a beautiful, glowing and full of life and energy from the inside out.


Extraordinary Beauty helps you to develop the most beautiful version of yourself, beauty that is more than skin deep.


The following ten tips will help you develop a extraordinary approach to beauty.




  1. Self Love


When we take care of bodies and treat ourselves with respect all other areas of our life improve. Learning to love yourself can be a life long journey. You can start today by loving accepting yourself exactly as you are. Realize you are doing the best your can and promise to love yourself though every stage of this journey called life.



  1. Eat healthy and Nutritious Foods.
teen health

green fresh organic vegetables on wooden board

Most of us will feel better if we eat LESS junk food, fast food and sugar and eat MORE fruits, veggies, lean meats, and healthy fats. Don’t worry to much about portion size and calories. Focus on listening to your bodies cues and eating healthy when you hungry and stopping when you full!



  1. Drink Water.


Drinking water is an important part of looking and feeling beautiful, it’s great for your skin and for increasing your energy. Adequate water prevents headaches and helps reduce cravings. Aim for 10-12 glasses a day. Buy a fun water bottle to carry around to remind you to drink all day long.


  1. Move Your Body Daily.


There are many benefits of starting an exercise routine. You will have increased energy, feel better, have better overall health and maintain a healthy weight. YOU CAN PICK OUT A WORKOUT YOU LOVE. If you don’t like going to the gym or running, no problem, find a means of working out that you love and you’ll be likely to stick with it. You can, swim, walk, do yoga, or play your favorite sport.



  1. Get enough Sleep.


Lack of sleep leads to brain fog, irritability, difficulty concentrating and great chance of reaching for junk foods for a quick pick me up. Aim for eight hours. You will look and feel better.


  1. Start a gratitude practice.

gratitude practice

Do you want to feel better now? Get out a pen or pull a friend aside and start making a list of all you have to be thankful for! The choice to be thankful is yours and we all possess the ability. Gratitude is a practical way to transform your life. You don’t need know what to change or how to do it. You simply need to cultivate the ability to choose an attitude of gratitude every day.


  1. Pick awesome friends.


Refuse to spend time with people that dim your light or bring you down. Choose to be around positive, encouraging people that will love and support you no matter what.


  1. Express your creativity.


There are so many ways to express your creativity.

Dance, sing, write, act, paint, cook or invent something new! Find an outlet that makes you feel alive while you doing it and then CREATE.




  1. Have fun.


Make time to simply play. No matter how old we get we need to carve out time to have fun, laugh and enjoy life. If you find yourself taking life too seriously be sure to plan a fun activity for yourself this week!


  1. Spend time alone.



Make time to connect back to yourself. Sit for a few moments in nature, journal or spend time in prayer or meditation. Take time to remember who you are, want you want and what you want to create in the world.