One-On-One Coaching

You may be wondering, what is health coaching for teens?

Imagine talking to someone you trust and can respect, someone who will REALLY listen to what you have to say and what you’re going through. That someone just happens to be a trained wellness practitioner who is able to respond with expert advice, simple solutions, and lots of encouragement.

Think about a coach for a sports team. They come up with a game plan to help you win. They come up with all the drills and practices to help the team achieve success. A teen health coach is somewhat the same, except instead of soccer balls we’ll talk about food and positive self talk.

Private Coaching Sessions Will

purplebullet2 Educate you about the role media has in shaping your body image.

purplebullet2 Help pinpoint negative core beliefs and work to change them.

purplebullet2 Uncover and identify negative self talk and learn how it impacts you.

purplebullet2 Learn about healthy foods and what the best type of foods are for your body.

purplebullet2 Practical ways to lose weight and keep it off.

purplebullet2 Inspiration, encouragement and a listening ear along the way.

purplebullet2 Understand that how you think and talk to yourself impacts what happens in your life.

purplebullet2 Quick tools to help you create and maintain positive habits.

purplebullet2 Have flexibility to take place over Skype or Google Chat.


Group Health Coaching

We aren’t alone. We forget that sometimes.

We all struggle with the same stuff, the same fears, and negative thought patterns. At a time in our life when we need our girlfriends more than ever, we end up talking behind one another’s back, or just not talking at all. We assume, we judge, we compare. We fear one another. We need to set all this aside and come together as the powerful, creative girls we are and connect. When we hear each other’s stories, not only do our walls come down and we begin to see we aren’t alone, but the power of and community and friendship will help us become more than we ever imagined we could be alone!

Group Health Coaching is Best for

button Connecting with others going through the same struggles as you.

button Utilizing an affordable and fun way to learn many of the skills and advice you would learn in one-on-one coaching

button Getting the support, encouragement, and skills needed to help improve your body image and lose weight.

button Gathering with a community of other girls that will encourage you and support you as you make positive changes.

Aubry Hoffman’s next group health coaching session starts in the summer of 2015 and will meet once a week for two months straight.

Sign up now as space is limited to 6! Each group health coaching session includes:

button A closed Facebook group to connect with fellow group members.  button  PDF of all Quizzes, recipes, and helpful info that we go over in group.   

button  Email or text support from me during the two-month session.   button   Weekly group sessions via Google Hangout.

Public Speaking & Workshops

Are you looking for a speaker for a school event, after school club, or community organization?

My group speaking events are a fun and informative way to educate your audience on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

I speak to a variety of groups, including parents, students, church groups, after-school clubs, treatment centers, and many more. Each speaking event ranges between 30 to 60 minutes and includes audience participation. Topics include:

For Parents:

pink_bullet Empowering your teen to eat healthy.

pink_bullet How to help your teen girls to cultivate positive self esteem.

pink_bullet Preparing healthy school lunches and snacks.

For Teens:

pink_bullet How to feel better about yourself and look great.

pink_bullet Healthy eating for the busy teen.

pink_bullet Beauty and health tips.

pink_bullet How to cultivate a positive body image and better self esteem.


About Aubry Hoffman, Teen Health Coach

To learn more about my journey to become a teen health coach, plus my qualifications and education, please visit my About section. I look forward to working with you (or your teen if you’re a parent) on an individual basis or within a small group setting. To start the conversation of positive body image and healthier eating habits, contact me today!