How to Use Essential Oils Aromatically

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  • I'm glad I found you, Aubry. You've been a huge help to me. I used to look in the mirror and always hate what I saw. Not anymore. I've gone from being my enemy to a kind friend to myself. And when that happened, my extra weight was easy to let go.

  • Something about Aubry, maybe her warm and upbeat personality, allowed me to trust and open up to her like I would an older sister. Any question that I had relating to healthy food and positive body image was answered without hesitation. Aubry has a vast knowledge of these topics and is enthusiastic about spreading the love. More than anything, Aubry showed me that I had been operating on a deprivation mindset for so many years and encourages me to this day to focus on moderation. If I hadn't received her coaching I wouldn't be able to say that I truly love how I look and love how I feel. Much love!

  • I am the Youth Education Director for Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City, Mo. I had the pleasure of observing Aubry Hoffman teach yoga at my youth education center. Aubry taught yoga to challenging adolescents, who at that age, are not easy to engage. They simply loved her energy, and after the class begged me to have her back the following Sunday. Aubry is a truly remarkable soul. She is an amazing yoga teacher, because her practice is her life. She conveys her passion for yoga in her teaching. Her grounding and balance are evident in how she carries herself and moves through life. She combines compassion, intelligence and integrity in everything she does. I would recommend her for any job she thought she could do.